Add Your Business to Google My Business example with fictitious Raleigh, NC company

Get Your Business in Google Search Results

Google My Business is a free way to get your business listed with Google.  That makes it easier for you to show up when people search using a browser or map.  The process is easy, but does take a little time, as the verification process that usually includes sending a postcard through the mail.  If you follow through, you will end up with info on your business readily available and you can even add a description and pictures for your business without any cost.  Follow the key steps below to get online.

Add Your Business to Google My Business example with fictitious Raleigh, NC company
Add Your Business to Google My Business example with fictitious Raleigh, NC company

1) Get a Gmail account if you don’t already have one; it makes it easy to setup and manage your site

2) Go to the Google My Business site:

Have a look at the information on the site if you would like to learn more about the concept.  If you are ready to go, click the Start Now button.  There is even a phone number, 1-844-491-9665, you can call to talk through the process.

3) Enter your business info in the screen that shows up when you click Start Now

Use this screen to see if your business already exists in the Google realm.  Enter the information and search.  If the company has been claimed by somebody else, there is a process to get ownership of the company info back to its rightful owners.  Info to be entered includes:

  • Business Name – should match your logo, business card, etc.
  • Country / Region – changing the country will reposition the map and update the remaining fields to match local address conventions
  • Address information – enter your storefront address if you have a location where customers can visit you; otherwise, enter your business address and see the last option
  • Main business phone – the number you want customers to use
  • Category – start typing and use autosense to select a category. Try a few related to your business to see what fits best.
  • I deliver goods and services to my customers, yes/no – this will affect the way you show up in Google maps. If you have a storefront, we suggest selecting no, even if you do deliver – you can set your service area later.  Google’s help is available here: Service Area

4) Either select your business on the next screen or select “Keep the information I entered” at the bottom of the recommended list

If your business shows up, you can select it and continue where you left off previously or, if somebody else has claimed your business, start the process of claiming the business for yourself. If your business does not appear, select the “Keep the information I entered” at the bottom of the screen to take the next step.

5) Set your service area on the next screen.

If you provide services outside your storefront, enter a radius from your address or specify the areas to which you provide service, such as zip codes, cities, or counties.

6) On the last screen, agree to the Google terms of service and click Continue to create your business.

Google will create a Google+ page and navigate to your Google My Business page. Most likely, you will need to verify your business by clicking on the link. This will send a postcard to your business address. Once you get it, follow the instructions on how to enter the verification code. Once you do, Google will include your business in searches and show your location on the map.

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