Website Design

Pliable Web Solutions helps small businesses cross the technology bridge to the web.

Pliable Web Solutions offers a quick way for businesses to get online and establish a web presence.  If you are already online and want to make changes, we will modernize your website to make it work on mobile devices, update photos or text, make changes to the services you promote, or other enhancements. Call (919) 867-1486 to discuss your website design needs or send us a note on our Contact page.

What to Expect During the Website Design Process

The web development process requires some collaboration between the business owner and the web developer to make sure the web site highlights the strengths of the business. Online resources like WordPress make it relatively easy to setup a website, but to make the web pages focus on a company’s specialties, target the right client or service, and compete in your market, the website developer will need to understand a bit about the company. The company owner or representative is the best person to relate the key company details in a quick conversation.


Website design example showing a mobile friendly responsive design for a Wake Forest, NC company
Website design example showing a mobile friendly responsive design for Not Another Landscaper in Wake Forest, NC

Before starting work on the web content, Pliable Web Solutions holds a short meeting to discuss company services, products, clients, and target service areas. We will meet you in the Triangle area since we are a Raleigh Company. If available, we use existing items, such as logos, photos, and certifications, to help with website content. We also want to know about a company’s competitors. Knowing the competition helps to highlight differentiators and key topics to emphasize on the new or updated web site.

Draft Website

Pliable Web Solutions compiles the information about a company, the company’s industry, competitors, and specialized services, along with photos, graphics, certifications and other content provided by company representatives to create a draft version of the new website. A private site, not yet available to the public, hosts the draft web pages for review. Before publishing a final version, Pliable Web Solutions accepts input on the web design, including site content, layout, color schemes, and other characteristics from the company owner and makes revisions based on the owner feedback.

Make Final Adjustments and Publish

The final website design step before publishing a website is to run a series of checks to help with site performance. These checks include tools to verify that the site has the right structure for search engines, emphasizes keywords that will match customer search terms, includes a sitemap, has analytics setup, and that all pages load quickly and all links function. After the site passes all checks and meets client approval, we open the URL to the public and submit the site to search engines.

Web Design Questions are Free

Not sure if you need a website? Is there something about the process you don’t understand? Want to discuss options? Have a special update to your website in mind?

Please give us a call or send us an email if you have any questions. Our clients have various levels of expertise when it comes to websites and we do our best to answer questions without using too much jargon. We will give you as much information as we can to help you decide on whether to work with us (and will tell you if we are not a good fit for your needs).